Que(e)rying Tourism Hope


Call for Contributions


Welcome to a critical and hopeful dialogue about contexts, moralities, knowledges, creativity, the world, and the self.  We invite contributions ranging from the traditionally intellectual to the innovative, artistic, and experiential.  We welcome any submissions in English, French, or Spanish that fit under the broad umbrella of critical tourism studies or one of our cognate critical fields—critical hospitality studies, critical events studies, critical leisure studies.


We’re One (But We’re Not the Same)

the particular and the universal; inclusion; identity and non-essentialism; race, ethnicity, and class; gender and sexuality; disability; diversity, difference, and intersectionality

There Is a Crack in Everything; That Is How the Light Gets In

love; compassion; peace; care and vulnerability; emotions and affect; beliefs; silence and slowness; contemplation; spirituality and faith


mobilities; migration; labor force; globalization; borders; colonialism, postcolonialism, and decolonialism

Wild World

antifoundationalism; liquid modernity; new materialism; agency; entanglement; contingency; rhizomes; ethics without ontology

Talkin' about a Revolution

activism; policy; civil society; justice; community; reconciliation; welfare; Indigenous peoples

Wanderlust, Wanderland

growth; capitalism; overtourism; sustainability and CSR; environmentalism; development; entrepreneurship; the Anthropocene; climate change; wildlife and conservation; animal ethics

My Face Is the Real Shop Front

queering cultures; embodiment; real and hyperreal; post-tourism; transgender; fluidity; postmodernity; becoming; norms and normativity

Video Killed the Radio Star

artificial intelligence; smart tourism; digitalization; social media; extended self; control and monitoring; metrification


party; joy; music; festivals; art; wellbeing and flourishing; creativity

The Land of Hope and Dreams

hope; trust; moral imagination; solidarity; grace; emancipation; new lines of flight

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

any other topic you are studying to help bring about the world you dream of


Acceptable formats for contributions include papers, posters, panels, workshops, art exhibits, short films, etc.  If you have an idea, feel free to propose it!  Please submit a 500-word abstract in English, French, or Spanish, which also indicates the format of the contribution, using our online submission system via the link below.  At least one author must attend the conference in order for the work to be included.


Abstracts Due: Extended deadline November 21st, 2018 ● Notification of Acceptance: January 15, 2019 (due to the volume of submissions, we are experiencing some delay on the reviews. If you have not received yours yet, you will receive it soon - thanks for your understanding!)

Optional Full Papers Due: March 15, 2019 ● Final Versions Due for Proceedings: May 15, 2019